Strong black magic work with demons Lucifuge Rofocale, Bune and Mammon. This work also involves spirits. You must open up income channels as well as small frequent amounts of gambling. Work consists of my blood, as well as the best black magic techniques. Your photo is required for me to work on it. 

Please take note, I will reject this service as however I deem. This is because this is a strong ritual and is not for everyone who has not thought about things carefully.


We highly recommend that you book a consultation before proceeding with a spell. This consultation allows us to really get a look at what your situation requires so that you can purchase the best spell as a solution.

If you want to proceed without a consultation, do bear in mind that the spells may not work as you would be buying the wrong spell and wasting your money! Also, we cannot be responsible for any karmic consequences that may arise if the spell is not right for you.

Tarot consultation is therefore essential to "diagnose" your situation.

You will need to send the following to thelovewitchsg@gmail.com after purchase:

  • full face photo of you and/or your target
  • yours and/or your target's full name
  • yours and/or your target's DOBs
  • this acknowledgement form

Spellwork will take approximately FIVE WEEKS for completion. We need to ensure they are conducted at the right time with the right energies.

There will be NO REFUNDS once payment is made.

Strong Money Black Magic Spell™

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Bambi deserves this and so much more. Although I wish ETSY would have treated her and other sellers better. Bambi is great at what she does all good magick requires patience and I’m very happy with my purchases.


Very poweful and professional!!! highly recommended :-)


just showing gratitude and just really anxious to see recent order manifest. Thank you Bambi.


Bambi is the truth.\nI was skeptical of paying for a service online due to being scammed by others. However, Bambi’s reviews + plethora of services attracted me.\n\nShe completed the spell a week after payment, like she says, magic is not instant. I’m more spiritually aware & my dreams are prophetic. I even astral projected for the first time. \n\nThank you Bambi! I will definitely return for more spell work 🤍


serious work with real professionals.Thank you for your help Bambi again.I recommend.

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