This strong love binding ritual is not one to play with - it ties both people up spiritually. It will ignite lust and romance in a relationship even if two are not officially married, tie two people spiritually even if one is alive and the other is not, dominate your partner's thoughts, cease other pursuits that your target has, and unite two together spiritually and eventually physically if both are alive. This is a permanent binding.

Please take note, I will reject this service as however I deem. This is because this is a strong ritual and is not for everyone who has not thought about things carefully.

The love binding ritual will unite two people in love down the road in life, even if it does not manifest instantly - because no true magic will fully bloom. I will only cater this strong magic to those who are patient, and are willing to change as per my advice.


We highly recommend that you book a consultation before proceeding with a spell. This consultation allows us to really get a look at what your situation requires so that you can purchase the best spell as a solution.

If you want to proceed without a consultation, do bear in mind that the spells may not work as you would be buying the wrong spell and wasting your money! Also, we cannot be responsible for any karmic consequences that may arise if the spell is not right for you.

Tarot consultation is therefore essential to "diagnose" your situation.

You will need to send the following to thelovewitchsg@gmail.com after purchase:

  • full face photo of you and/or your target
  • yours and/or your target's full name
  • yours and/or your target's DOBs
  • this acknowledgement form

Spellwork will take approximately FIVE WEEKS for completion. We need to ensure they are conducted at the right time with the right energies.

There will be NO REFUNDS once payment is made.

Strong Love Binding Black Magic Spell™

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Thank you Bambi for the work! This has helped me get back my boy who has not talked to me for a year.


Bambi is so sweet and took the time to complete my order to make sure everything was taking care of. Advice was given and have been taking it and making sure to be on top of everything. Thank you 💝


5 star


Truly amazing lady. You can absolutely tell she genuinely cares about you and your situation. It’s far too soon for any results yet but I will update with any movement. Update: I got a message from my ex, I will see how things go


5 star

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