This is a strong karma spell for those who had been done injustice to you, your friends or your family, without you/your loved ones doing it to them. Please do not place this spell for petty revenges or it will backfire.

For this, I have to travel to the Akashic Records library to retrieve information 
And I will place a request with them to deliver the justice and karma. 


We highly recommend that you book a consultation before proceeding with a spell. This consultation allows us to really get a look at what your situation requires so that you can purchase the best spell as a solution.

If you want to proceed without a consultation, do bear in mind that the spells may not work as you would be buying the wrong spell and wasting your money! Also, we cannot be responsible for any karmic consequences that may arise if the spell is not right for you.

Tarot consultation is therefore essential to "diagnose" your situation.

You will need to send the following to thelovewitchsg@gmail.com after purchase:

  • full face photo of you and/or your target
  • yours and/or your target's full name
  • yours and/or your target's DOBs
  • this acknowledgement form

Spellwork will take approximately FIVE WEEKS for completion. We need to ensure they are conducted at the right time with the right energies.

There will be NO REFUNDS once payment is made.

Speed Up Bad Karma White Magic Spell™

Customer Reviews

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Speed Up Bad Karma White Magic Spell

Although it's too early to tell, I know it works so long you carry the faith and being positive about it.

Pls get a reading with the team before proceeding any spell casting so that you won't get any repercussion.

Tks Bambi and Team

chantel coon
Always Love Working with Bambi

It's such a gift to have this performed by Bambi. I completely trust and respect Bambi and hold her in high regard. I believe in her abilities and trust her completely. I know that she cares about what she does and is sincere with her work. I like her energy and feel safe trusting her.

I felt really relieved to have Bambi take care of this issue. She always adds personal communication and she's her thoughts on how the spell went and what happened. I'll probably always be a customer of Bambi's, and have revisited many times. I would very highly recommend her.


Thank you


Thank you Bambi. That was Awesome


Unfortunately I have the target blocked so I can’t know first hand how this service has effected them. I felt a wave of relief when Bambi completed this spell. I would love to purchase some more of Bambi’s services when her shop is back from hiatus. I feel as though I can trust in Bambi’s abilities. Thank you!

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