The Raggunu Randik spirits are an exclusive astral realm to me only. They are tall, shadow-appearing spirits that reside deep within the forests
  • They are adept in instilling night terrors in your enemies
  • Sleep paralyzing enemies
  • Intense and extreme protection, watching over your house and things that require it
  • Making enemies literally and physically feel breathless after a sleep, making sure your enemies can never start the day right and will be tired to carry the day well
  • DRAINS your enemies' energies while they sleep
  • Having them with you can help you with creative thinking, strangely but yes
  • Helps with grounding practices and cleansing keeper of their negative energies residing in auras, and bring in better energies


Please send in the following to thelovewitchsg@gmail.com for binding:

  • your full name
  • your DOB
  • a photo of your preferred vessel (if using your own)
  • a photo of yourself (if binding to essence)
  • your preferred characteristics of the spirits
  • this acknowledgement form

Bindings will take up to FIVE WEEKS to be completed. You will receive a short writeup of your spirit - name, approximate picture representation, age, personal message to you, and offerings preferred.

There will be NO REFUNDS once purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms.

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Raggunu Randik Tree Spirits™ - Exclusive to DarkWitchBambi

Customer Reviews

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Wow!!! Amazing energy!!!😊

I had this spirit bound to an item. The energy is so wonderful I could tell the day he was bound to his vessel. I meditated and gave offerings, it was amazing!!! I was able to channel this spirit!!! I even felt drained of energy afterwards like when you truly channel a spirits...! It's the read deal! I highly recommend if you are looking for the attributes he or she provides. I order a total of 3 spirits so far and all the spirits have had the same affect on me, along with psychic communications, communication with a pendulum, visual input and the powerful attributes I picked for them. So happy, Thank you Bambi!!! 😊😆😊❤

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