My pacts are different in the sense that I do have to Astral into their realms to register you. A lot of crackheads think it's simply as easy as invoking demons. LOL come on, do u think Donald Trump would appear by your peasantry door if you shout "DONALD!!"?

I wish to write that you can make a pact on your own, but this listing is for those who are unsure of the procedures as well as for those who wants a higher guarantee of being accepted into the demonic realm

This is a pact with King Paimon (I do music too and he has HELPED a great lot) - He aids in Fame; Power; Music Gifts; Wealth; Charisma; And Intelligence

With this pact, you can work with other demons more easily however, be sure to have utmost respect and veneration I can't say enough.

This pact will require your full name and dob for me to help you be recognised with Paimon. My pact does not mean you will sell your soul because this is practically impossible and is very falsely hyped.
My pact is basically astral travelling into their realms and registering YOU

You will be given a serial number identification, a new name, and you will be known within the demonic realm. *Photo proof on paper and to be burned thereafter by me to seal the pact
Paimon Demon Pact™

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I love Bambi

I love dark witch Bambi she is the real deal I been a loyal customer to her since she was on Etsy I’m glad I found her. This is my second pact I do with her and before the pact was completed I stared having weird dreams and seeing shadows in my house & felt like I was being watch and two days later she messaged me about the pact being complete. Trust me she takes her time but she will give you the best results her magic powers are real and not fake she will never scam you just gotta be patients if you willing to work with her. I have not only done pacts but also my third eye opening & the third eye opening with demonic gifts I highly recommend her to anyone who looking for real results.


5 star


Very powerful and responds immediately with honest answers.


Thank you


Could definitely feel my singing voice and confidence get much better. All I have to do is learn guitar better and I'm set! Thank you Bambi. ❤️

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