Oil bottle consists of 30ml each as a standard to all the oil listings.
The "Make You Love Me Oil" is intended for DIY love spell on intended targets. It is best used for proposal purposes; attracting love interest; increasing chances of being liked by someone- whether it is friendship or for romantic purposes. It is also useful for candidates looking to be hired.

How to Use:

You may choose to combine the methods for extra potency or use a single method.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone. If you are using the oils to target on a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil.

The Body Method -

Dab the oil behind the ears, on the neck, and spread out and rub into body. Be sure to just use a tiny bit as it goes a long way. Using more does not accentuate the spell effect. Great method for love oils, money and self improvement oils. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR REVENGE OILS!

The Shower Method -
Adding some love, money and self improvement oils to your bath tub is great too. Be sure to use a little due to the oily nature. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR REVENGE OILS.

Ingredients: 100% olive oil, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

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Make You Love Me Oil™

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kat Kazm
Love it!

It's my favourite of the spelled oils (I own a few of them already). It smells heavenly and so far I must say it works magic. My relationship was having ups and downs, and due to covid we were postponing our wedding. Since weeks I have been using this oil and it magically change my man into the sweetest person ever...And we plan to have a wedding by the end of this year. Thank you Bambi!

Make you love me oil

Smells great and love the results


Been applying on my neck whenever I'm home before going out, - For bout 3 weeks now. My relationship with boyfriend feels better, no communication problem or doubts. Friendships, all good. But I had 2 guys asking me to marry? 😅

Make You Love Me Oil

Not sure if it really works but i believe it take times and consistency to repeat the spell on the person. Just have fate in it and eventually will work.

Ryan Ong

Smells good, certainly look good as a decoration by itself.

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