Gold unicorns are best known for their abilities to aid in financial wealth of their keepers. Their horns are usually made of gold.

Gold unicorns, specifically, can help with:

  • Helping financial stability
  • Depression, anxiety issues
  • 3rd Eye Gifts (Keeping 3rd eye healthy)
  • Helps with increased abilities to discern lies
  • Increases psychic abilities of keeper
  • Helps a little with healing and vitality
  • Aids in visions and more vivid dreams
  • Helps to empower financial-related spellwork


Please send in the following to thelovewitchsg@gmail.com for binding:

  • your full name
  • your DOB
  • a photo of your preferred vessel (if using your own)
  • a photo of yourself (if binding to essence)
  • your preferred characteristics of the spirits
  • this acknowledgement form

Bindings will take up to FIVE WEEKS to be completed. You will receive a short writeup of your spirit - name, approximate picture representation, age, personal message to you, and offerings preferred.

There will be NO REFUNDS once purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms.

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Gold Unicorn Spirit™

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