The Fastest Money Oil is spelled heavily x49 times from the variation of Fast Money Oil that is widely known in Hoodoo. This is strongly cast and will not disappoint. You will definitely see a huge increase in money opportunities (beware not to be lazy! increase as much income streams as possible) and people would have more trust in you. Especially great for businessmen&women; sales pitchers; enhancing lottery luck; and boosting powers in gambling charms. 

Oil color and intensity may differ
Ingredients: Olive oil 100%, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

Oil bottle consists of 30ml each as a standard to all the oil listings.

How to Use:
You may choose to combine the methods for extra potency or use a single method.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone. If you are using the oils to target on a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil.

The Body Method -
Dab the oil behind the ears, on the neck, and spread out and rub into body. Be sure to just use a tiny bit as it goes a long way. Using more does not accentuate the spell effect. Great method for love oils, money and self improvement oils. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR REVENGE OILS!

The Shower Method -
Adding some love, money and self improvement oils to your bath tub is great too. Be sure to use a little due to the oily nature. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR REVENGE OILS.

Ingredients: 100% olive oil, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

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Fastest Money Oil™ (Strong!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Applying behind my ears whenever I'm home before going out, - For bout 3 weeks now. Yup, money keeps coming.

5 Stars

I love the smell and very happy about the product. Thank you.

Jamme Tan

Having to say business sales remain same, yet to see increase on income.

Aaron Ng

Ever since using this oil
My luck & business sales has improved gradually. I’ve got new investment opportunities too.

Pauline Lee shi lin

So far my luck is good but wealth haven see my money go up or win lottery yet maybe need some time or my boss a cheese cake 🤣🤣hahaha
No harm for trying maybe will consider luck oil soon thanks 😁

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