Best complemented with Third Eye Oil.

This is an orb of gifts from Demon Uphir.

Now, the difference between the third eye surgery I have on my shop and this, is that this includes an ORB of gifts from Uphir.

Uphir will transfer me an orb that i will "install" it on your third eye.

The clear difference are this:

  • Advanced third eye gifts from Demon Uphir which includes the ability to astral project more easily, although ITS NOT THAT EASY, to the demonic realms
  • The ability to "see" via the third eye better, especially images and words from the demonic dark lords and ladies
  • The ability to discern better with lies, truths and manipulative crackheads
  • Meditative ascension when chanting demons' enns and the ability to "receive" better too. For me personally, when I meditate with the demons, I do get colored orbs from them- and this usually signifies gifts!
  • More alert to signs and omens given by the demons, I see this a lot when just going by my day, even just being outdoors I see signs better
  • Higher state of clairvoyance, and I have to say, this is really amazing stuff by Uphir

You would need to send us the following to thelovewitchsg@gmail.com

Your report is to be sent to your email.

This service will take approximately FIVE WEEKS to complete.

There will be NO REFUNDS once the purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms.

Demon Uphir Third Eye Gifts Surgery™

Customer Reviews

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scooby doo
i did not buy this product but found it in a strange way

so here is my story i was laying in bed with my then girl friend (this was years ago) and then something cold entered the room it was freezing i feel a poke in the center of my brow it felt like a drop of water i was half a sleep i open my eyes a shadow of great depth and darkness stood over me it was almost elegant in a cloak with antlers like a deer just then not visually just mentally i feel and see in my eyes a beam of light spring like a laser out of my forehead this terrified me beyond comprehension jump out of bed look across the room and see an armless man with the head of a wolf staring at me while making a rocking motion side to side as i looked at him i could see him clearly my forehead felt as if a pressure was beaming forth and illuminated this being just as it had the other just then he recognized i could see him this look of recognition was followed by him beginning a lunge at that moment i flipped the light on and there was nothing there it has been years now and i don't know why but i draw this symbol like with a compulsion and just today i was watching a random youtube video about Solomon from the bible and a discussion about his control over demons in this video they mention GOETIA SIGILS so i'm like what and google the subject and see a set of symbols so i scroll through the image and there i see the symbol i have been compelled to draw with a name next to it and so i google uphir and BAM this page pops up and i'm like falling out of my chair WTF i'm freaking out man

Sean Smith
Lord Uphir Surgery and third eye oil

I felt the surgery taking place during the event like an opening in the forehead just before sleep I felt a presence I'm guessing it was Lord Uphir, thank you. My dreams are extraordinarily vivid now, i think this also boosted my Magick greatly. Thank you so much Bambi witch and team and Thank you Lord Uphir for this amazing blessing. The third eye oil too works really well. Cheers!


I can say it was amazing, at first I don't realize it but then I came to know more things I do not know when I speak to my friends and colleagues it seems to I already more or less know about and I started to have dreams at sleep.

Love the orb

I saw my third eye open up with a bunch of light colors moving and inside my third eye then when i woke up Bambi telling me it was completed. Very excited to develop Lord Uphirs gift, Bambi never disappoints! Ive seen many images many cool things, future events and reminders in dreams of subjects i need to focus on more (medical) due to my medical background. Best orb of gifts. I’m a repeat customer for Bambi Bc she is legit. Thank you Lord Uphir & Bambi!

Awesome Coven

I'm a repeat customer and I've nothing but rave reviews for Bambi and the Team. From Elisha who is helpful and friendly when comes to selecting things from the store, to Bambi and Sofya who are very helpful and knowledgeable when I have doubts and will always help me out and answer my queries, and Ali who always ready to render help whenever is needed. Mad love and respect for them. Thank you team!

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