My pacts are different in the sense that I do have to Astral into their realms to register you. A lot of crackheads think it's simply as easy as invoking demons. LOL come on, do u think Donald Trump would appear by your peasantry door if you shout "DONALD!!"?

I wish to write that you can make a pact on your own, but this listing is for those who are unsure of the procedures as well as for those who wants a higher guarantee of being accepted into the demonic realm

This is a pact with the highest King, Satan. Huge fame, extreme luxury, extreme protection, helps you take revenge in worst forms, everything!

With this pact, you can work with other demons more easily however, be sure to have utmost respect and veneration I can't say enough.

This pact will require your full name and dob for me to help you be recognised with Satan. Having a pact would aid one in fame, money, protection and luxury. My pact does not mean you will sell your soul because this is practically impossible and is very falsely hyped.

You will be given photo proof of a serial number identification, a new name, and you will be known within the demonic realm. My pact is basically astral travelling into their realms and registering YOU. Thereafter the pact will be burned in flames on my end.
Demon Pact with Satan™

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Demon pact with Satan

It's been nearly a month and this pact with Satan. Has been interesting! Definitely felt his demonic presence with me and astral demonic energies. It has opened doors. Dark witch Bambi would highly recommend!


Bambi is amazing and she definitelly deserves Her store being reestablished.


So very insightful and I feel so grateful to have this experience. Bambi is incredible at their craft and answered all my questions about how supernatural things work (since im a noob lol) :0. But all my other questions were answered by Satan so thanks to them as well uwu. It was really really nice to hear their perspective. Honestly its an incredible experience :0. Even if you dont have a specific question in mind this is still such a great service to buy because of the experience itself of receiving feedback from Satan themself :). After having my questions answered I feel like there is so much truth to Satan and I feel happy that in a way could make a small connection with a brilliant being like them :). But this is thanks to Bambi for helping me reach out and thanks to Satan for giving their energy to answer. Thank you both!


She went above and beyond to give more of an answer in the Akashic records that wasn't known by Lord Satan.


I knew the end of the year would bring rebirth and renewed strength! I highly recommend getting a pact with the portal, as the past month since the pact with Lord Satan made me very alert to their energy. Sure enough the portal came today with the too familiar energy emanating from the package. Communication is clearer and although in the week prior, clairaudience was growing, I now feel like the message is amplified. Bambi I am very thankful, you are really amazing and gifted! My advice to those considering is to be patient (perception of time & immediate gratification is such a human thing) be respectful (don’t rudely treat Satan like a wish machine), receptive to the experience. Be willing to work, change, accept critique, face and conquer horrid fears, and all will manifest. See beyond the veil of this plane and have faith

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