My pacts are different in the sense that I do have to Astral into their realms to register you. A lot of crackheads think it's simply as easy as invoking demons. LOL come on, do u think Donald Trump would appear by your peasantry door if you shout "DONALD!!"?

I wish to write that you can make a pact on your own, but this listing is for those who are unsure of the procedures as well as for those who wants a higher guarantee of being accepted into the demonic realm

This is a pact with Queen Lilith --- for YOU to be known within her realm and to be blessed constantly for Power, Seduction, Beauty, Empowerment and Sexual Attraction

With this pact, you can work with other demons more easily however, be sure to have utmost respect and veneration PLEASE. THIS IS NOT A F*CKING JOKE.

This pact will require your full name and dob for me to help you be recognised with Lilith and her demonic workers including Incubuses/Succubuses and her other aligned demonic friends such as Rashoon.
A pact would aid one in fame, money, protection and luxury. Lilith, especially, helps to enchant feminimism as well as beauty.

My pact does not mean you will sell your soul because this is practically impossible and is very falsely hyped. You can go about it with other sellers about your selling your soul but im here to tell you the f*cking truth.

You will be given a serial number identification, a new name, and you will be known within the demonic realm. My pact is basically astral travelling into their realms and registering YOU

You may even be given her special dress while astralling into her realm. I have one white-red one which is really pretty. I am a priestess of Lilith conferred by her and I hope you would get a title like that too! xx *Photo proof on paper and to be burned thereafter by me to seal the pact
Demon Pact with Lilith™

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Demon pact with Goddess Lilith

I feel not only happy but somehow relieved I was able to make closer connection to Lady Lilith through this pact. I have deep respect for her teachings, knowledges, values, and what she always stood for - and guidance from her is what my soul craves for. I’m so grateful this pact was made successful, with huge help from trusted practitioners. Lady Lilith has showed me visions and signs in dreams. I'm still not sure what that could mean, it was esoteric but beautiful just like the impression I get from Her. I know she is guiding me, and now it is I that have to put in the work. Thank you Bambi and the team for hard work as always! :)

Evie Khoo
Extremely grateful

I'm very thankful that Goddess Lilith accepted me into her realm. Really appreciate Bambi for helping me on this. I believe in Goddess Lilith as she had helped me much when I first got her portal and I truly believe she's my real calling. Ever since the pact, I feel I can sense the new direction she has for me. I did feel extremely lethargic after the pact was done and Bambi said it was normal. I also been feeling that no matter how tough life is, I can get through it. Goddess Lilith will lead me through. When I have enough funds, for sure to get her altar. But for now, I am just chanting her enn through my hand drawn sigil.

Walter Ledford
Pact with Goddess Lilith

Thank you Bambi for doing the pact for me. Goddess Lilith is very good to me. Some one told me I would see a rare bird and to pay attention to it I saw a Owl standing in the middle of the road one night when going home .I know this was Goddess Lilith showing me she was with me. Thank you I love you also.


I don't really communicate, as I don't like to ask for things. My pendulum is here couple of days ago, but haven't have any question to ask. Tried talking to the portal once, before getting the pendulum, asking if my boyfriend is "The one". I dreamt of him chasing after me, while I'm running. I don't ask anything from Lilith, I'm contented and happy. If I were to ask, I find it selfish and disrespectful. Just live your life as normal. You will see.

Lim Louise
Demon pact with Lilith

Not sure if there is any change but I do have a couple of dreams. Maybe it might take a bit longer for me.

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