My pacts are different in the sense that I do have to Astral into their realms to register you. A lot of crackheads think it's simply as easy as invoking demons. LOL come on, do u think Donald Trump would appear by your peasantry door if you shout "DONALD!!"?

I wish to write that you can make a pact on your own, but this listing is for those who are unsure of the procedures as well as for those who wants a higher guarantee of being accepted into the demonic realm

This is a pact with Belial (was super excited to offer this because Belial is one of my closest demon King whom I can speak to when I need help or when I am upset) --- for YOU to be known within his realm.

Belial HELPS WITH: Fame, Prestige, Power, Legal Troubles, Business Success, Money,

**Pls note Belial is not someone to trifle with so be sure to be RESPECTFUL!!!**

With this pact, you can work with other demons more easily however, be sure to have utmost respect and veneration PLEASE. THIS IS NOT A F*CKING JOKE.

This pact will require your full name and dob for me

My pact does not mean you will sell your soul because this is practically impossible and is very falsely hyped. You can go about it with other sellers about your selling your soul but im here to tell you the f*cking truth.
My pact is basically astral travelling into their realms and registering YOU

**Photo proof on paper and to be burned thereafter by me to seal the pact

You will be given a serial number identification, a new name, and you will be known within the demonic realm.

Belial appears in a hood to me as always. He may appear in other forms too! Also, i saw him in Green skin, with white hair.

Demon Pact with Belial™ - Intelligence and Protection

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