Most proven demon pacts by Etsy.

I wish to write that you can make a pact on your own, but this listing is for those who are unsure of the procedures as well as for those who wants a higher guarantee of being accepted into the demonic realm
With this pact, you can work with other demons more easily however, be sure to have utmost respect and veneration PLEASE. THIS IS NOT A F*CKING JOKE.

This pact will require your full name and dob for me to help you be recognised with the demon selected.
My pact is basically astral travelling into their realms and registered YOU with the demon selected
My pact does not mean you will sell your soul because this is practically impossible and is very falsely hyped. You can go about it with other sellers about your selling your soul but im here to tell you the f*cking truth.

You will be given a serial number identification, a new name, and you will be known within the demonic realm.

For a full list:
King Bael
Duke Agares
Prince Vassago
Marquis Samigina
President Marbas
Duke Valefor
Marquis Amon
Duke Barbatos
King Paimon
President Buer
Duke Gusion
Prince Sitri
King Beleth
Marquis Leraje
Duke Eligos
Duke Zepar
Count/President Botis
Duke Bathin
Duke Sallos
King Purson
Count/President Marax
Count/Prince Ipos
Duke Aim
Marquis Naberius
Count/President Glasya-Labolas
Duke Buné
Marquis/Count Ronové
Duke Berith
Duke Astaroth
Marquis Forneus
President Foras
King Asmoday
Prince/President Gäap
Count Furfur
Marquis Marchosias
Prince Stolas
Marquis Phenex
Count Halphas
President Malphas
Count Räum
Duke Focalor
Duke Vepar
Marquis Sabnock
Marquis Shax
King/Count Viné
Count Bifrons
Duke Vual
President Haagenti
Duke Crocell
Knight Furcas
King Balam
Duke Alloces
President Caim
Duke/Count Murmur
Prince Orobas
Duke Gremory
President Ose
President Amy
Marquis Orias
Duke Vapula
King/President Zagan
President Valac
Marquis Andras
Duke Flauros
Marquis Andrealphus
Marquis Kimaris
Duke Amdusias
King Belial
Marquis Decarabia
Prince Seere
Duke Dantalion
Count Andromalius

Custom Demon Pact™

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Zen Illumin

Custom Demon Pact™

Good job

It's another time I asked Bambi for help. She informed me 1 particular Demon is interested helping me with particular area of my life and I was surprised cause it was Demon who I called before so definitely she hit the nail in the head! Her service was surprisingly fast and entire work was fast and effective as I already see presence of that Demon in my life so I definitely recommend her for Demon pact working and any other spiritual work, she's very good and talented, I'd give more than 5 stars if I could.


This confirmed a lot of feelings I've had and has given me more confidence in my direction. It was a really neat experience, and I feel that this is something I'll be able to revisit again and again for new inspiration and guidance. It feels like one of those readings that each time you reread you find something new. Bambi's messages are straight to the point yet have a lot of depth and meaning behind them. She was spot on about me and my life experiences so far. I see how a lot of her warnings apply to my present position. Also, she attached a picture of my cards and referenced/explained them for my understanding. She's very helpful and patient. I think this sort of reading could benefit anyone.


As usual her readings are always spot on.


Although it’s still sth very “recent”. It already feels like One of the best “things” that ever happened to me, in my life. (Not sure what this means exactly though this is just how it feels and still examining it inside me). Who knows maybe Ill never understand it...\nSince pact was made also feels like Something (a “business” /a communication) with Lord Satan I’ll have to work on for the rest of my life (because I want to! <3) or at least hopefully for a veerrry looooong tiime. In case One feels attracted to a certain Deity/demon pact/ portal etc I believe it has a reason so One shouldn’t think too much whether to get it or not! I personally am very grateful for this Pact!!AND the Portal& Pendulum too :)) which both are so useful and facilitates communication/“tuning”\nOn the given Demon’s/deity’s “Vibe”/phonecall/“radiostation”

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