Bambi Witch Asiaone Mustsharenews
Instagram: @bambidarkwitch

Bambi found success when she became Etsy's Top-Selling Spellcaster with more than 766+ 5-star reviews from more than a thousand clients. She is also awarded Platinum for Transparency (verified true reviews) on by Judge.Me, and top 10% for trending on online shops associated with JudgeMe.

Now, she has decided to create her own platform and store in Singapore so that more people can experience magic, and for her mission to debunk false beliefs. When she is not working for The Love Witch ™ Singapore @thelovewitchsg, she is working on, her renowned website for international clients.

Highly versatile and a born clairvoyant, Bambi works with both white and black magick - though she tends to perform darker magick most of the time due to the high demand from her international clients.

She is also a highly respected spirit conjurer - being able to conjure a wide range of astral spirits for human companionship. Despite her working with black magick most of the time, her best ability is in reiki healing and spell work.

A huge animal lover, she insists on offering her pet reiki services free for anyone who needs some help for their elderly or sickly pets, and has set aside 30 sessions each month for this. She also is an active activist for animals and for the marginalised community. She can be quite strong on opinions so watch it!

Besides being a full-time witch, she is also a Mandarin hip-hop artiste! Bambi says she got into music after receiving an intense premonition of herself performing her own songs back in 2018.