What this necklace can do:     

  • Make someone obsessed with you (Speak the person's name and DOB through this necklace) 
  • He/She/Them will think about you very often through dreams intervention     
  • Desire you and think of you, even sexually     
  • Enable you to be more appreciated and glanced upon even with strangers     
  • Eyes only on you and thoughts of you 

How To Use:  

Wear the item close to your skin for the first 30 days. This allows the energy to blend in with your aura and bring you blessings.  

If it is not possible to do so, you may also carry the item with you in your pockets, or place it under your pillow when you sleep.  

It is advised to recharge your item whenever you feel like the energy has weakened. To do this, you may use our recharging box or light a white candle next to your item.  

Dos and Don'ts:  

Be gentle and take care of your item well. This ensures you'll be able to receive blessings as long as possible and without disruption.  

Avoid ALL contact with water and perfume. Please remove your item before showering, washing your hands, swimming or any other activity that may get your item wet.

Make Them Obsessed Spelled Necklace™ - Men's and Ladies' Designs Available

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Use it wisely

I did not believe those thing's was possible but lately ive become open minded that everything exists you just have to believe and find the right "witch" psychic etc, and Bambi truly is one of them, it's beautiful and work's like a charm.

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5 star


5 star


I got it today I love it ...it is so delicate and pretty ....it is a cute necklace


Muy hermosa la cadena Bambi es muy buena en sus trabajos pero esto de la cadena no funcionó,ni nada de lo que se esperaba, deje pasar más de un mes para ver si funcionaba pero no,no funcionó ,ni modo

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